Friday, November 19, 2010

Wedding Photographer Sued

Found this video shared by a contact on Facebook and I thought it would be good to share it here as well. 

My thoughts on this video:

1. The judge emphasized too much on equipment. Although equipment has a lot to do with picture quality but it is often the skills that make a photo look professional. However in this case, the photographer's photos sucked. I, too, used to own a Canon Rebel TXi (400D).

2. When asked how fast her 70-300mm is, the photographer said, "I don't know". How can a professionalphotographer not know his/her equipment?

3. I think somehow, if the photographer had a better attitude about the situation, she wouldn't have to pay as much as USD2,500 when the plaintiff only asked for USD1,000. Sometimes, attitude is everything.

4. I find it very strange when the photographer said that the pastor does not allow flash photography. The plaintiff's explanation is more logical. It would have been an instruction for the people who attend the wedding so to give the official a lot of space and not allow other people's flash to ruin the main photographer's shot. 

5. This is a reminder for me to always remember to perform professionally when hired for a photography session. I'd hate it to be brought to court because I suck. 

Thanks, Jack Tan. For sharing the video. 

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